4 Fitness Mantras To Learn From Birthday Girl Disha Patani

Her athleisure looks are as much a sight to behold as her on-screen chutzpah. Her fitness dedication has become the talk of Bollywood. Her die-hard cardio sessions, gymnastics, kickboxing, and weight training make you go weak in the knees. What keeps the super-hot sensation Disha Patani focussed on her form as she turns 29? Bareilly-born Disha Patani has lots to teach us on achieving a lissom and dreamy figure. We find out.

Workout one body part a day


Focusing on different body parts makes an efficient workout. It helps target a set of muscles on a rotation basis while allowing other body parts to rest and relax. Disha emphasizes building a strong core by concentrating on her arm and back muscles. Squats, shoulder press, bicep curls are muscle-strength exercises the actress is a regular at. 

Maintain the right balance between cardio and strength training

Doing heavy weights in fitness is not exclusive to men. Disha unfollows gender bias while lifting heavyweights. She further boosts her cardio workouts with strength training to become her fittest self. It also helps her get an “afterburn” when the body consumes more calories after a workout, helping to burn fat. 

Warm-up before exercising

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The femme fatale believes in warming up to boost after-exercise recovery. Aerobic exercise increases your body temperature and heart rate. That’s why she likes to start her workouts at a slower pace and lower intensity for muscles’ readiness. Dynamic stretches open up the areas you plan to target for body strengthening.

Record your fitness journey

Maintaining consistency in washboard abs is a tough job. Progress photos reflect your fitness graph and the time to reach your aspirational weight. It also convinces you to keep up with your gym sessions and stay accountable to yourself for building core strength. The best way to ensure you are logging your fitness session right is to set the time you took for each exercise.  

Final Thoughts 

Now that you envy the sizzling denim shorts, sports bra, and date nights of Disha Patani, start working your body like her to look super sexy and feminine. Disha has a strong and sculpted body. Follow her tips to show your fitness worship. 

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