4 Genius makeup hacks for those who wants to look fab

Beauty hacks basically help you to find easy alternatives for applying make up, for getting that glow on your face and much more. These hacks are not only amazing, but they help you save time. Whether you are rushing to your office with bad hair, or leaving for a party without the make, then these hacks will save your day.

Scroll through these beauty hacks and find out the best ones to try!

Use vaseline as a makeup remover

Most of the girls that I know use soap to get rid of the makeup as soon as they reach home from party or work. It is pretty simple to wash your face and get in the bed. But the truth is, you still have the makeup on. It doesn’t wash away easily, I am sure you girls must know. Instead of washing your face over and over again, you can simply apply vaseline on your face and neck with the help of a cotton ball. It acts as a grease and removes makeup in seconds. After cleaning your face entirely with vaseline, you may wash your face. Isn’t it the best hack ever?

Mix your sunscreen/day cream with liquid foundation

Those with the dry skin usually suffers with the foundation, but who knew that blending cream with foundation can do wonders? Winter is here and you may need to find solutions for your dry skin. Mix your foundation with a little cream to keep your face moisturized throughout the day. It not only gives you the perfect shade of color that suits your complexion but also provides a glow on your face that makes you look completely natural. This duo makes it fast and easy to give your face the glow you want, making your skin look smooth and fairer than ever!

Way to get glossy lips

Use lip balm over the lipstick to give your lips the shine and shade that you want. You may not require a gloss, you can simply apply the lip care on. It also protects your lips from getting dry or chapped in winters. After all taking care of your lips should also be a part of your daily beauty regime. The best part? The gloss stays put way better than lipstick will. Get ready, ladies, to get the most fetching lips this winters!

Choose CC cream instead of liquid foundation

CC cream is a correction care cream that helps your skin look fairer and better. BB creams can also be used as they provide coverage with added skin care merits like SPF. It is so worth it! This alternative is in the markets. It is easy to apply and doesn’t consume a lot of time. Do not forget to try this hack. Rush out to the store, girls!


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