Cracked heels bring your look down to level zero. Winters are almost here and most of us face the problem of dry and cracked heels during this season. Dry and cracked heels lead to itching, inflammation, pain, redness and peeling skin. To prevent your feet from all this, you can try some home remedies that help in preventing dry and cracked heels.


Vegetable oil

Did you ever think that vegetable oil can help you get rid of cracked heels? Before you go to sleep, take some warm water and dip your feet in it. Use a pumice stone to scrub your feet. Then wash off your feet. Now use vegetable oil on your heels. Make sure that you wear a pair of socks so that your feet can soak the oil overnight.


Neem has antibacterial properties that works magically for cracked heels. You just need some neem leaves, 3 tsp turmeric powder and water. You can mix the three ingredients and get a paste. Now use this paste on the affected portion and leave it for around half an hour. Rinse with water.


Lemon works great on dry and cracked heels. Take some warm water and mix lemon juice in it. Now dip your feet into this water and scrub with a pumice stone. Now take out your feet from the water and dry them with a towel.

 Rose water and glycerine

When mixed with rose water, glycerine works amazing on cracked heels. Glycerine helps in softening the skin. Blend them together and use them on your heels before going to sleep. Let the paste soak into your feet overnight.

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