You cannot always blame the sun for skin damage, tanning and skin diseases. Pollution and dust  is also a major contributing factor for several skin problems.

Various studies and research have shown that pollution and smoke caused by industries, constructions and vehicles largely affect the skin.The dry and humid weather also leads to skin damage.

Pollutants and dust particles in the air can take away the glow from your skin. It may leave your skin with pimples, blackheads, rashes, ageing, wrinkles and many skin problems. Moreover, it makes your skin look dull and oily.

Every woman craves for a healthy and glowing skin and they go extra miles to take care of the same. You need to put in a little effort to shield your skin from the sun as well as from the pollution and dust particles present in the environment. Put in some needed efforts if you want to look pretty and young.

Here are some quick tips to guard your skin against pollution

Use A Scarf

Always use a scarf when stepping outdoors. Just wrap your face with it and shield your eyes with sunglasses. Pollutants and dirt will not hit your face till it is completely covered. It will not only protect your face from the dust but also prevent it from tanning. Avoid wearing a black scarf as it will attract heat instead choose a light shade to keep yourself cool in the scorching heat.

Wash Your Face Regularly

Make it a habit of washing your face at least 3-4 times in a day with fresh water and a good face wash, so as to flush out impurities and dirt from the skin, in turn making the skin fresh, gentle and light. It will make you feel cool and freshen you up. You can also clean your face with warm water to remove oil and dust.

Eat Healthy

Refrain yourself from eating oily and junk food, prefer healthy veggies and salads instead. Eat juicy fruits to keep yourself cool and your skin healthy. If you eat oily food, the results will come on your face in the form of pimples and acne. Avoid eating fast food and switch over to the nutritious food for a glowing skin.

Stay Hydrated


Drink plenty of water all day long. Water keeps the skin clean and healthy. It helps in cleansing the skin deep within. Eat juicy fruits which can keep you hydrated all day long.


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