4 simple ways to impress a guy

By admin

July 20, 2017

Affection and attraction are quite common in your teenage. There’s nothing wrong in this. But to find a genuine partner for you is a bit tough. We are usually mistaken between loving someone and liking someone. It is often said that guys get impressed by the smile of a girl. I wonder how this can be possible. How can someone be impressed by just a smile? Here are four easy ways to impress a guy:1-Investiage about him: Before taking any step, it is important to know the person well. Try and find out a mutual friend and ask him/her about the person you like. Don’t look too desperate to him. Ask him normal questions like how is his nature, what kind of a person he is, etc. Leave a nice impression on him/her as well because chances are there that he/she might inform your crush that someone was looking interested in him.

2-Try to approach him directly: If you have his number, initiate texting him or this might not look that good. You can use facebook or instagram or any other social networking site to contact him. Ask him about himself. His likes and dislikes. His hobbies. Don’t forget to make the conversation boring. Make it interesting. Make him enjoy the conversation with you.3-Ask him out: If you guys know each other already, don’t wait for long. Ask him out directly. Plan some surprise date for him. Being straightforward is the best thing. You have an advantage here of knowing each other before. When you know someone already, we have some hints of what that person likes and his/her dislikes. Accordingly, set the surprises for him. Share a good time together and know more about him.4-Dress to impress him: Many people believe in simplicity. Simplicity is keytone to all elegance. If you both are in the same college, school, work place, etc, try not to carry grams of makeup on your face. Wear what you are comfortable with and look simple. Simplicity attracts the heart of many.