4 things to check when using kajal; especially for the smudge-free look

By admin

April 14, 2017

I absolutely love using kajal and I bet you do too. The easiest way to make yourself ready for the day is to apply kajal a bit of gloss and you are done. Though using gloss is not tough and there is not much we can experiment with it, kajal is a make-up product which is on a different level. From hacks to tricks to look, a kajal stick can be used in many ways. But even if we have the liberty of using it in so many different ways, there is still a set look that would look best on us. Especially, if the main concern is to stop the kajal from smudging. Here are a few tips to help you figure out the best way to use kajal.

1)    Procedure- There is a way to apply the kajal. Technically, you will get the kajal under your eyes no matter how you apply it, but knowing the right steps will make it less time consuming, you will have to fix less faults after the application and it will look better. The first thing to keep in mind is to keep a stable and confident hand while sketching the line. Try not to move or you’ll get a shaky line; use smaller lines at a time and then fill the blanks for starters. The next is to start from the outer side and then work your way inwards.

2)    Pick the right one- Kajals come in a variety of shapes, sizes and forms. If you have a problem of getting you kajal smudged due to watery eyes, then it is better to use a gel line which comes with a brush for application. It is darker than the pencil kajal and looks dope. But if it doesn’t suit your eyes then it is better to just look for a kajal that is supposed to be smudge free.

3)    The darker the better- The darker the black color of the kajal is, the more it makes your eyes pop out. But don’t worry you don’t need to scan the markets for the darkest shades. All you need is a black liner. Dip your kajal’s tip into the liner and then apply it. it stops the kajal/liner from smudging and look’s devilishly dark.

4)    Eye shadow- Instead of smearing your eyes with kajal, use an eye shadow. Eye shadows give your eyes that glamour finish as well as stop your kajal from smudging. Just pick the right color (brown looks awesome with anything) and you are all ready for a full smudge free, celebrity like look.