Straight hair is stylish, pretty, and easy to handle especially for wintertime. Straight and smooth hair has always been trend as it looks classy as well looks good on any face type and even you can styles in numerous ways. People who have curly and wavy hair go for chemical treatments to get rid of it.


Here are 4 ways for encouraging curly or wavy hair to straighten out naturally, without using heat or chemicals.

Hot oil treatment:- it is one of the best way to keep your hair healthy and hydrated. The heat and saturation from the warm oil will relax the wavy pattern of your hair.

Coconut milk  :- this is the best treatment for straighten hair. It has a moisturizing ability, which also gives your hair a beautiful smooth and shine.

Egg and olive oil:- If you want stronger and shiny hair then egg and olive is the best combination which will straighten your hair naturally.

Aloe Vera:-  It contains many enzymes that support healthy hair and even makes your hair smooth and soft. Aloe Vera gel keeps your hair well moisturized.




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