5 Best Drinking Habits For Managing Blood Sugar Levels

Drinking our calories can increase blood sugar rapidly when these selections are not super balanced. Protein and fibre are two vital foods that help to reduce blood sugar rises.

1. Breakfast should be consumed before coffee

Coffee by itself may cause an increase in stress hormones in the body. As a result of heightened stress, stress hormones can cause blood sugar levels to surge and cause blood sugar levels to rise. without meals to assist downregulate this process, your blood sugar may rise even though you haven’t eaten anything yet!

“Caffeine in coffee is a stimulant that elevates blood sugar levels,” says a dietician. A healthy breakfast can help your body metabolize caffeine more slowly. After a balanced breakfast, drinking coffee may result in decreased blood sugar levels in the morning.

Eating a nutritious breakfast first, followed by coffee if desired, allows your body to digest and absorb fuel from your food.

2. Examine your additional sugars

Choose hydration options with fewer added sugars. Many companies have responded to consumer demands for healthier options by reducing sugar additions in their products. Some products use monk fruit, stevia, and Splenda to provide a sweet, refreshing taste without the use of sugar. By using fruits, herbal teas, and herbs you can make your own hydrating solutions.

A dietitian recommends that we look for additional sugars in beverages. “Added sugars provide rapid energy but can produce a crash later,” a dietitian says. Choose sparkling or flavored waters with less than 25 grams of added sugar.”


3. Consistently hydrate

High blood sugar levels are dehydrating! A dietitian suggests developing a habit of constantly hydrated throughout the day to help avoid impulse purchases of sugary beverages to fill your thirst.

“You will be less likely to become dehydrated unexpectedly because you will not be taking fluids for long periods of time,” explains an expert.

Further, drinking enough water may naturally lower your elevated glucose levels by diluting your blood sugar.

4. Make wise alcohol options:

Drinking alcohol alone can cause low blood glucose if you have diabetes or pre-diabetes. However, the main culprits when it comes to blood sugar spikes are the mixers in alcoholic beverages.

Juice, soda, and tonics are all commonly loaded with sugar. To avoid an increase in sugar from your beverages, use lighter mixers such as soda water, diet soda, or low sugar juice.

Expert advises people with diabetes or blood sugar issues to avoid or limit their use of alcoholic beverages if they take blood sugar medication. Metformin and insulin do not work well together, so alcohol can cause low blood sugar levels that could be dangerous. Sip a mocktail or flavored seltzer water.

 5. Keep liquid calories in check

If you’re going to drink your calories, make a balanced decision to keep blood sugars stable.

A smoothie with protein, healthy fat, and fibre, for example, can keep you fuller for much longer than a smoothie made entirely of carbohydrates.

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