5 big secrets to help you look naturally beautiful and go make up free

By Gunit Mayo

December 18, 2017

In today’s changing world, beauty is associated with going natural. Make up products are losing the crowd. Celebrities like Chrissy Teigen, Gigi Hadid, Miley Cyrus and many more are going make up free and we are seeing that a lot more lately. Let’s be honest, putting on expensive make up and degrading your skin is not sensible. We all girls love make-up but the new generation is planning on eliminating it’s use. Kim Kardashian has joined the bare face trend as well! Confidence, now relies inside the natural look. The society puts a lot of pressure on woman to look perfect and radiant with a lot of make up on. Girls find this as a way to impress other people but it is time to unlock your natural beauty. Follow these simple steps to embrace your natural skin and add a little glamour to your beauty routine.

1. Use face mask instead of serum We all know the power of natural remedies because we have tried them and checked the result. Instead of using expensive serum that provides temporary solution, it is time to let the remedies do their work. Do not feel lazy to create the perfect face mask for your skin. One of the sure-shot solution for the glow on your face is taking steam, in addition, scrubbing your face with lemon and honey after the steam will clear the pores and provide instant radiance. 2. Get those glossy lips with colored lip balms Why do you even need lip gloss when lip balms can do the work? The market is changing and you must have seen different brands introducing colored lip care products that are competing with harmful make-up items.

3. Avoid concealer and use cooling agents to reduce dark spots and dark circles Concealer is a cosmetic stick that is used to cover dark spots, blemishes, and dark circles. Make use of natural remedy like cucumber and leave it on in the night. It can do wonders! When you wake up next morning, you will see that your eyes are not swelled and face is absolutely fresh. It is time to try it! 4. Stay hydrated and gear up your eating habits Make-up can never be a girl’s best friend because it never sticks permanently. The benefit that you can get from drinking a lot of water during a day is remarkable! Healthy eating will give you a healthy skin! This solution will never let acne appear on your face, isn’t that great? 5. Beauty sleep A woman should get seven to eight hours of sleep every night. It reduces stress and works amazing on the skin. Acne, dark circles indicates tension on your face but we all know how we can fix it.

Girls, do you prefer to wear make up, or go bare faced like these celebs? Let us know below!