5 Bollywood Actors Who Made Their Female Co-stars Uncomfortable During The Shoot

Usually, Bollywood celebs bond while working with each other and enjoy making the film. And its natural, you seem to like someone with whom you have to work daily. However, there are many celebrities who have gone on record to express their dislike for certain co-stars. Yes, this is true. It is no secret that it has a dark side too. Yes, there are several incidents where actors crossed the limit and disrespected or misbehaved with their co-actors. In fact, there are many female actors who are abused, molested or touched inappropriately by their co-stars, producers or directors. Here are 5 Bollywood actors who made their female co-stars uncomfortable during the shoot:

1. Sidharth Malhotra and Jacqueline Fernandez

It is one of the shocking incidents that grabbed very much attention in the B-town. We all know that there were quite a few steamy scenes in the movie ‘A Gentleman’ and in one of these scenes, Siddharth continued to kiss Jacqueline even after the director said ‘cut.’

2. Ranbir Kapoor and Evelyn Sharma

During the shooting of an intimate scene for the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani, where Ranbir Kapoor was supposed to be touching and caressing his co-star Evelyn’s thighs and, it is reported that he didn’t hear the director saying ‘cut’ and continued stroking her thighs.

3. Ruslan Mumtaz with Chetna

When they were shooting a scene for I Don’t Love You, it is said that Ruslan lost control and unzipped the actress’ dress which made her dress drop down instantly.

4. Ranjit and Madhuri Dixit

If rumours to be believed then during the filming of a rape scene in the movie Prem Pratigya, Ranjit forced himself on Madhuri.

5. Vinod Khanna and Dimple Kapadia

During the shooting of an intimate scene in the film Prem Dharam, Vinod Khanna could not control himself and kept kissing Dimple for a long time.


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