When it comes to matters of the heart, Bollywood stars are not very different from us mere mortals. Or are they? Bollywood cinema is full of love, drama and heartbreaks. But does this exist in our favourite celebrities’ lives too? Let’s find out.

  1. Shah Rukh Khan: I am so pathetic in relationships that I am comic!



Just one look, a dimpled smile and outstretched arms are all that Shah Rukh Khan needs to personify the ultimate lover on screen, but the reality is different, says the superstar who describes himself as “pathetic”, “detached” and “demotional” when it comes to romance and relationships.

Speaking about how “awful” he is with relationships, Shah Rukh said, “I am pathetic with relationships. I am so pathetic that I am comic.”

Unlike his characters on screen who travel continents to profess love, SRK says he prefers to hide his emotions. “I am extremely one-sided, perhaps even selfish. Actually, I am very detached. I am demotional- emotional and detached, I don’t know how it works. I won’t be able to say anything that I’ve done in my films to a girl, or even in relationships. I am extremely closeted, introverted, shy, reclusive and completely shut off about my emotions.”

Talking about his grand romantic gestures in his films, he says that he would not advice his fans to replicate them in real life. He says, “I am not telling you to run after a train and climb it. In real life, I would stop the train, or say let’s meet at the next station.”

  1. Arjun’s candidness on love and marriage!



During the media interaction at a trailer launch, Arjun got candid on love and on having a romantic relationship in life. The actor was asked to spill the beans on his current relationship status. His honest response, however, took everyone by surprise. “I had thought of asking a girl out and waited for around 1 or 2 weeks, but when I finally approached her, she already had a boyfriend,” he quipped.

Narrating his ‘unlucky in love’ moment he said, “I was with someone before, and I thought I’ll officially ask her out after she gets to know me properly. But later, when we met at a party, she came in with a guy. So, I assumed she was accompanied by her brother. I was beaming with happiness thinking her brother has tagged along with her. When I finally approached her she introduced the guy as her boyfriend. She is now married and in England.”

He also went on to reveal that he wants a companion who could be a partner in crime, someone who could tuck him in the bed after he passes out, someone he could take for dinner-dates. He also shared that he thinks marriage is a is a step that needs to be taken when one is 200 per cent sure and that there are two years left for him before he ties the knot. Though the actor maintains he’s single, he says that he would love to be in a steady relationship and consolidate it before getting married in the next two years.

  1. Milind Soman finds love again with air hostess Ankita Konwar!

Hear that? It is the sound of a million hearts breaking at the news of hunky supermodel turned marathoner Milind Soman, being struck by the cupid’s arrow again. Milind, who is quite popular among the ladies has found love once again in the arms of a lovely lady Ankita Konwar, who is an air hostess by profession. According to a report, their union has even received the blessings of his mother.

  1. Alia Bhatt opens up on heartbreak!

Alia Bhatt recently opened up on heartbreaks and how she deals with them. The ‘Dear Zindagi’ actress said that she has experienced heartache in the past and in her opinion, the best way to get over a partner is by taking off on a holiday alone.

However, when asked if she had her heart broken in the recent times, Alia simply replied in the negative. Interestingly, this comes close on the heels of her alleged boyfriend Sidharth Malhotra’s appearance at her sister Shaheen’s birthday bash. Contrary to reports that all was not well between Alia and Sidharth, the ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ actor was seen bonding with the bubbly actress and her family at the birthday party.

  1. Ranveer Singh talks about his Parisian girlfriend!

Actor Ranveer Singh is not the one to shy away when it comes to talking openly about his personal life. Therefore, it came as no surprise when the actor chose a trailer launch to talk about his former girlfriend, who happened to be a Parisian. Yes, the actor revealed that he had a Parisian girlfriend in the past, a beautiful Moroccan girl. Though the actor didn’t reveal her name for obvious reasons, he said he has had some memorable life experiences in the city of love, adding that it is home to some wonderful people. Can’t argue with Ranveer on that.

  1. Parineeti Chopra reveals that men who don’t shower turn her on!

Parineeti Chopra has taken the web world by storm all over again and this time it is about something that turns her on. Yep, the leggy lass didn’t hold back when it came to sharing the deets of her lifestyle and the kind of guy that turns her on. In her latest interview, Pari shared that she gets turned on by guys who love simple living because she comes from a lower middle-class background and doesn’t dig all things snooty. A guy who can stay in his pyjamas all day with her and order in. Also, someone who isn’t shy to tell her that he hasn’t showered today!

  1. Karan Singh Grover says marrying Jennifer Winget was a mistake!

Actor Karan Singh Grover is known for his good looks and casanova image, was previously married to Jennifer Winget and his recent statement regarding his marriage to ex-wife and TV actress, has brought him back into the limelight. Karan went all out to say that his marriage to Jennifer was a mistake! Not only that, he further went on to add that some people are better off as friends and should not take it to the next level. He also blamed himself saying he had a penchant to rush into things.

Where on one side, B-town celebs feel apprehensive about commenting on their personal life, these Bollywood celebrities’ head-on remark comes as a breath of fresh air that would hopefully pave way for more celebs to let fans in on their private lives.

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