You are going out on a date and feeling nervous on how it would turn out to be? Here is a list of few tactics you should use while going out on a date. These tips would help you to imagine things from the perspective of mind of a boy/man. The tips come from a world of smart people and smarter dating.

  • Be proud of yourself

When you start a conversation be proud of what you are but don’t also throw it on his face trying to act clever. Just be confident with who you are and let him open up with you.

  • Don’t judge book by its cover

Don’t judge him by his looks or tattoos. He may look smart but what he actually is comes out when you give a space of room for him to speak out. So let the things calm and let him open up. Just don’t sound to be too impressed or disappointed by him things take time.

  • Be smart

Men like smart women so do things of your own instead of asking him for everything. Take your own decisions of what you feel like or what is your stand on a certain topic. Don’t just change your words to impress him. Men like women who have their own identity

  • Give him a chance

Go beyond a first date if it can take a few dates for smart people to get over their jitters. So if you like a guy but just aren’t sure if you’re clicking, give him a little time to prove himself

  • Find someone who suits you

Compatibility is the key to a long lasting relationship. So it is important that you find mutual interest with your partner when you are searching for a partner.

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