5 DIY Woodworking Projects Women Will Love!

Woodworking may not come to mind as the most feminine hobby, but new ways of wood craftsmanship are bringing women into a previously male dominated sphere. Woodworking is the act of creating art and objects from wood origins (Merriam-Webster, 2018). Over the past 30 years, the craft has accelerated quickly in society due to DIY culture and online platforms. Websites such as Pinterest and Etsy have made creating things from scratch a popular pastime, and thus have introduced the trade to many homemakers and creatives. This article will discuss five projects that women will love creating out of wood that are both functional and enjoyable!


1. Wooden Coasters

The first project, which is the simplest, is making wooden coasters for your indoor or outdoor dining areas. This requires minimal materials and fairly little assembly. After selecting your desired wood, outline the desired shape and size of your coaster. Using a table saw, cut the outline. Sand down the rough edges after cutting to the desired size. You can also paint, stain, or distress the coasters for a personalized touch!


2. Makeup Brush Holder

The next project is a more intermediate task and involves the construction of five pieces of premeasured wood into an oblong container. This unit can be used to store many different types of smaller items such as makeup or kitchen utensils. It can be displayed on countertops or under sinks and has the added benefit of keeping the contents stored upright for good drainage if needed. After measuring four equal rectangular portions, and a smaller square portion that fills the interior perimeter, you can fasten them together using a drill or Phillips head screwdriver and screws.


3. Purse or Coat Hanger

This DIY idea should not be attempted by people with no saw experience. A simple bag holder or coat rack can be constructed in under an hour with assorted hooks, a backboard, and mounting devices. It involves both a hammer and drill skills and table saw skills. If the wooden backboard is not of uniform shape and size, a table saw can be used to quickly cut it down. After you have sanded it and painted it to your liking, you can drill screws in even increments across the backboard. If you are securing it to wood a wall mount might not be needed, but anything that is weight bearing on drywall should have added security.


4. Shoe Rack

Do you have a lot of shoes and limited space? This common problem can be solved in under 90 minutes with a few planks of wood, some screws, and a level. It is first important to measure the area to make sure the rack will fit, and fit the pieces of wood together in an “L” formation. Using a level to ensure a straight shelf, secure the adjacent pieces with two screws. The same process can be repeated on the other side until each side forms an “L” that can stand upright.


5. Bird House

Last, but certainly not least, is the classic birdhouse woodworking craft. It should not be overlooked as being cliché, as it involves a great deal of talent and patience. Many factors go into bird house creation; different sizes of wood, a drill, a level, a circular saw, and a miter saw. You can assemble the base in a similar fashion to how you assembled a shoe rack, and ensure stability by creating precise angles with the miter saw. After this, a small box can be created just like the makeup brush container above. However, before sealing it off, use the circular saw to create an “O” shaped opening on one side to allow the birds to enter and exit the home! Attach the house to the stand using a drill. Depending on the complexity of what you desire you can add multiple tiers.



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