5 Emotions We All Go Through On The Day We Get Our Salary!

Let’s all collectively agree that the day we receive our salary is one of the best days of the month. We eagerly wait for the day our salary is credited in our account. After all, we plan our whole set of activities, agenda and to-do lists according to that golden date. The moment we receive our salary, our mood instantly gets 100% better and it turns our gloomy and stressed mood to ecstasy and we feel like walking of sunshine. There are 5 emotions we all go through when our salary gets credited.


1) The day starts on a happy note:


We wait whole month for this day and wake up on that day with a gleeful smile and a spring in our steps. Everyone will agree that they feel extra motivated and determined to get to work that day. We keep checking our phone for that lovely text message stating that the salary has been credited to our bank account.


2) Asking around:


As if checking our phone every hour is not enough, we also keep enquiring our colleagues about the same and asking everyone around whether they received their salary. We then share our woes with those who have not received their salary. It doesn’t take much time for us to walk up to HR’s desk and interrogate the HR manager about the same. And then after hours of anxiousness and wait, our cell phone finally beeps and our salary gets credited.


3) Bills, Bills, Bills!


The happiness of receiving our salary doesn’t last long as it instantly dawns on us that we have multiple bills and EMIs to pay for. We get down to start making payments for the same and clearing all our previous dues. We then calculate an estimated amount that we will manage to save during the month.


4) Its time to splurge!

We have finally managed to save enough bucks to splurge on things we’ve been eyeing all month. The swanky handbag or eating out at that newly opened expensive restaurant, we finally get to have our hands on all the things we’ve been wanting all month.


5) But there are deductions!


It has happened to most of us that we find out that there have been many cuts and deductions in the salary of that particular month. We can’t help but feel dejected, angry and duped at this. We curse our workplace and our unlucky stars to be facing this unfair situation.



We all go through these 5 stages of emotions every month but we continue doing what we do and the cycle continues. Weeks go by and we are finally done with paying our dues and bills so that we can shop, travel and dine in peace. We are lucky if we manage to save some amount in this day and age. The months goes by like this and we wait for another month and salary.


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