5 fashionable trend that are going to rule in the year 2018

By Gunit Mayo

January 24, 2018

The craze and rage of 2018 is almost here. The stores are up with excitement with the new vogue following around in the fashion booth. The mid-season sale is about to attract people. Be prepared with your shopping list and rejoice at the season with the trendy fashion. Bring your A-game into fashion and styling. It’s time to add a little new spice to your wardrobe and get the best fashion essentials of 2018, the list of which you’ll find right here!

1. Shiny puffer Jacket

This season, lets walk into the store and look for a puffer jacket to keep us warm. Winters can keep you from going outside your house, but when you put on the top trend of the season, nothing can stop you from flaunting it. A shiny puffer jacket will not only be suitable for casual events but also for parties. This season let’s catch on to something fluffy and beautiful.

2. Velvet bagpack

Looking for something unique yet stunning? Then Velvet bag pack is upright. It looks stunning, with a smooth touch of the fabric. You have never seen something like this before 2018, and I bet it will steal the hearts of million of girls. Specially a school girl or a college girl would love to carry this cute bag pack.

3. Vintage High Cropped Jeans

Instead of being horrified by old photographs of you in vintage, you can now say you were ahead of the times! That’s right ladies, vintage jeans have made a comeback. It gives a beautiful new path to your denim collection. Lets welcome 2018 with old traditions and styles to reinvent fashion.

4. Off shoulder woolen dress

A style you’ll find everywhere from local markets to famous brand outlets. The most perfect trend to show off your collar-bone and get a little rage on it’s own is the off the shoulder look. It adds charm and lets your shoulders show their glam. From shirts to dresses, you need pieces like this in your closet. It will be an on-going trend in the markets due to the unique style that it offers. Winter dresses and tops are being tailored into off-shoulder look.

5. Fur slippers

What is better than a pair of cozy warm slippers? You need not even put on the socks, fur slippers will do the work. Kim Kardashian started this trend, and it has been following by many famous and recognized brands. The customers won’t let go of the mania for fur so easily, so don’t be late to buy a pair of fur slippers for the season of cool breeze.

What do you see as a fashion essential in 2018? Tell us in the comments!