The ‘first date’ is special for everyone. After all, that feeling of meeting someone for a first date is inexpressible. It is undoubtedly an exhilarating experience but you should always keep this in mind that it is also the only time to judge whether you wish to go on a second date with that person or not.

Here is a list of some common first-date behaviours that you should never ignore as they may either help you in making or breaking your deal:

Pessimistic Talk

If you observe that the person you have gone on a date with is constantly talking negative about one person or the other, then you better keep away from him. Dating such a person can turn out to be a stupidity as there’s a great possibility that he or she might talk bad or bitch about you behind your back too.

Abusive conduct

One should not tolerate any form of abusive behavior. Be it verbal, physical or emotional, never ever tolerate it. If your date tries to make you feel inferior, use slangs while talking to you or take control of every conversation, there is a great possibility that he or she has control issues. And you definitely won’t wish to date such a person.

Over usage of the cell phone

When you are out on a date with someone, you expect them to talk to you, so that it gets easier for you to know them better. But if all they are doing is keeping busy with their phone and not communicating with you enough, then this surely is a big turn off.  There is a great chance that they are hiding things from you because if you were more important for them, they wouldn’t have chosen to keep themselves busy with that usual chatting on phone. They are probably not taking you too seriously.

Early neediness

It is completely okay if your date says that they like you or that they are very fond of you. But if they already start talking about a future together or relationship commitments, then it is obvious that they are just too desperate. By agreeing to a relationship too early, they are only making it clearer for you that they are not the right one for you. One can only commit to a person after they have known him or her enough.

The ‘I, Me and Myself’ talk

A first date is always about knowing each other. But in your case, if your first date was all about the other person only talking about himself or herself, then you should probably reconsider your idea of dating him or her. It is important for your date to reciprocate in asking questions back when they are on a date. Failing to do so will only tell you more about their selfish behavior.


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