As it is well said that people may not always tell you how they feel about you, but they will always show you. So, in order to avoid such mistakes while showing up, here are some mistakes which should be avoided:

Giggling without any reason

Some people in order to impress their crush laugh so hard even at bad jokes that one can figure it out that they are not enjoying the joke and are giggling without any reason. Rather leaving an impression, it irritates the person and it seems to be foolish.

Telling about other dating interests

If you are thinking that this will make them jealous and they will be into you, then you are totally wrong. Adding to this, it will look nothing more than an act of stupidity if you tell them about all the other people who are into you.

Indulging in gender debate

One should not bash on other person, in order to make their gender look superior. Because this will sound like one is never ready to listen up and think themselves to be superiors. This will surely make all of your chances fade away!

Trying to be cool

Some people in order to be cool, lie a lot. And people like these are not appreciated much and seems that they are trying to pull off that person off. So, to avoid such situations stay true with whatever you are saying and this will surely add stars to your personality as genuine personalities are more appreciated than cooler ones.

Being too clingy and sexual

Always being sexual doesn’t work as it will raise many questions in that person’s mind about your personality. So, in order to avoid this clingy and over sexual situations you need to just behave normal. It will help you better in building any chances than being clingy or sexual without any reason.