These Foods Boost Your Metabolism & Help Lose Weight Faster

People often confuse good metabolism with weight loss. And they aren’t completely wrong. If one had good metabolism, they ought to lose weight faster than the average person. But metabolism is much more than just quick weight loss. By definition, metabolism is a process in which our body derives energy from what we eat and drink. Do you have that one friend that eats a lot but never gains an ounce of weight? But you, on the other hand, bloat when you eat just salad. Sounds familiar?


That simply means that your friend has a high rate of metabolism and you don’t. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with a low metabolism. But someone who has metabolism rate lower than normal might face health issues like stress, feeling tired constantly, hormonal changes, having dry skin, quick weight gain and difficulty in losing weight, among other things.


So what do you do if you relate with the above-mentioned things and are grappling with lower metabolism rate? Simple! You nourish your body with foods that help in improving metabolism. Here are 5 such superfoods that will not only boost your metabolism but also provide many health benefits.


1. Green Tea

There has been a boost in the worldwide consumption of green tea recently. Today, for most people, drinking green tea has become a fashion, a trend. Some people believe that regular consumption of green tea will aid in weight loss. That’s not entirely true. Green Tea alone doesn’t lead to weight loss. What it does is, it improves the body’s metabolism vastly and that, in turn, makes the body lose weight faster if one is indulging in exercise and healthy eating.


2. Chilli

Chilli peppers are rich in capsaicin content, which is a compound that stimulates the body’s pain receptors and also increases blood circulation and metabolism. Capsaicin also burns energy faster in the body and create heat, which also burns calories.


3. Coffee

Coffee is a risky beverage. It is healthy, but unhealthy at the same time. One has to be mindful of the quantities one is consuming in a day. A small dose of caffeine gives an energy boost to the entire system. That is not harmful, unlike energy drinks that are loaded with sugar. Drinking one cup of coffee a day also helps in burning calories. But you must refrain from drinking more than 2 cups a day.  


4. Green Veggies

Green veggies like spinach and broccoli are extremely healthy. They are loaded with essential minerals that provide energy to the body. Spinach, especially, is rich in iron and fibre which are the key factors in improving the metabolism rate of the body.


5. Whole Grains

Whole grains and lentils are rich in carbohydrates, fibre and proteins. They stabilise our insulin levels and produce energy. They help in improving metabolism by burning fat. Oats, brown rice, quinoa, couscous, barley and corn are great options for those who intend to include whole grains in their diet.



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