5 lipstick hacks that every women should know

By Tanya Malik

May 22, 2018

What are women without their lipsticks? Never ever does a woman steps out of their home without their favorite lipstick. After all, lipstick is one essential when it comes to makeup. We all wish to have that perfect lip color on our lips at all times, don’t we? Now you don’t need to reapplying your lipstick every hour. With some easy lipstick hacks, you can get those beautiful lips all day.

  1. Get smooth lips instantly with the help of a mascara wand. Just apply some lip balm on your lips and then use a mascara wand to get rid of that dry and flaky skin.
  2. Don’t have a blush? No problem, your lipstick can be used as your blush. All you need to do is apply some lipstick on your cheeks and then blend it with your fingers. You are ready to go!
  3. It is so difficult to find a lipstick that has a long stay. No? Now you can make any lipstick stay for long with some translucent powder. Apply your lipstick, hold a tissue on the lips and then brush some translucent powder on it.
  4. Matte lipsticks are super in these days. When applying a matte lipstick, line your lips after applying the color. This will define your lips properly.
  5. We often apply lip balm before using a lipstick to ensure that our lips don’t dry out. However, too much lip balm can lead to a shorter stay of your lipstick. Apply a very thin coat of lip balm and let it dry for 10 minutes. Then apply the lipstick.