Relationships aren’t easy as they seem to be. Most of the people face hardships and various other challenges during one. Relationships can be tricky at times leaving you to re-think about your decision. Don’t let those misunderstandings creeping in your mind throughout the day and just once & all, give it a thought.

Relationships are more or less like a roller coaster of emotions, where you experience the obvious happening things with your better half. But remember, there are many ups and downs in it. People usually make some or the other mistake which taken up seriously can ruin your smooth and happy relationship and may also end up in disastrous consequences. To avoid any kind of such havoc, there are some of the most common mistakes that one must try hard to avoid when in a relationship. Recognize where you can improve and get over that particular thing.

Dominating the partner

In a relationship, both partners have an equal right to say. And if any one always try to dominate the other either by words or action, that too is not good. You must give your partner equal chances to keep his thoughts forward.

Comparing your partner to an ex

The human mind naturally looks for patterns. When we experience a situation that’s even remotely similar to something from our past, we draw conclusions based on that past experience. But always try not to do that. Comparing your partner to an ex over and over again can lead to your partner losing interest in you.

Don’t hide anything from your partner

That’s right, never hide anything from your partner whether it is anything. Go on and tell them about it so that it won’t create any misunderstanding between you two in the future. “No secrets, No lies” can be treated as a policy to work upon when you are in a relationship to go for a long way run.

Avoid being too clingy

Yes, try to avoid being clingy all the time. It’s understood that you want to spend a lot of time together, but respect the personal space of your partner too. If you want it to run in a healthy manner, remember not to overkill it via multiple calls and messages. Otherwise the consequences can be harmful.

Stop Spying

Suspecting your partner for something which they haven’t done can harm your bond. Trust is the basis of every relationship and you need to have faith in your partner to keep that spark alive in your relationship.


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