5 Natural Remedies To Moisten Up Dry Skin

By Asmeeta Sahni

June 19, 2018

Dry Skin is a common problem among people, mostly in the winters. Several reasons contribute to dry skin, which in turn leads to itching, dry patches and irritation. Hot water bath, pollution, humidity etc are contributing factors leading to the dry and itchy skin.

Dry skin snatches your beauty and makes your skin look dull. Dry skin needs to be tackled with hydration with good skin oil and moisturizers. You need to take extra care of your skin , if you crave for a glowing and a healthy one.


Here are some easy and natural ways to get rid of dry skin

Use Honey to moisten up your dry skin effectively. Honey acts as a natural cleanser and moisturizers to smoothen up the dry skin. Apply it on the affected area, keep it till the time it dries and wash it thoroughly with fresh water.




Olive Oil is a natural oil that cleans and moistens the skin deep within. Apply it on your skin and rub it gently to purify the skin.



Milk is so hassle free to use to break up with dry skin. Use cold milk and apply it on the skin, let it rest for some time and rinse it off with water. It can be used for all skin types. Moreover, it also keeps the skin hydrated. Try out this remedy thrice a week before a bath for good results.


Take some amount of cocoa butter and melt it a little on the heat. Allow it cool a bit and then gently rub it on the skin. It will moisturize your skin effectively, in turn making it glowing and fresh.


Take an Avocado and remove the pulp from it gently, then apply it on your skin , keep it for sometime till it dries and rinse it off with fresh water. An Avocado is of extreme importance as it contains various minerals and nutrients that are highly beneficial for the skin. It clears the skin and moisturises it deeply.