When you are in love, you just want to be with your partner. You wish to be with them all day long. You like those online chats, long conversations over phone and weekend hangouts. Girls are far ahead in seeing their future husbands in their boyfriends as they take things seriously as soon as they get into a relationship. But how do you make sure that HE is the one? You may think of moving in with him which is not a bad option but before this, you should keep a few things in mind. Some points influence you when you make a decision like this one. Ask yourself these questions before getting into a live-in relationship with your partner:


  1. Did your heart tell you to do so?

Love is blind. Make sure you don’t take a decision by following your heart. Your obvious answer from the heart for this one would be ‘Yes’. But to take a decision like this you should take down the pros and cons of it before hand.

 2. Are you doing it to look cool and modern?

Many people in the society are not open to things like live-in relationships. When you take on a step like this one, all eyes are on you. Are you ready to face it?


Sweet in love couple dreaming of their future; Shutterstock ID 160939187; PO: today.com
Sweet in love couple dreaming of their future; Shutterstock ID 160939187; PO: today.com
  1. Is he forcing you for this?

Your partner may force you for this decision but make sure you don’t do anything forcefully. Do what you think is right for your relationship.


  1. Is he really the one for you?

So, you are together and he has not yet proposed to you. Are you ready to get into a live-in relationship only because you think this will make him propose you?


  1. You think living together will improve your relationship?

This may come out to be different if you are looking for a means to improve your relationship. Living together under one roof may not help you in this. This may kill the spark or freshness of your relationship.

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