You may have always wondered why people cheat in a relationship. What fun does one get in showing disloyalty to a poor soul?
Yes, there might be several of reasons to why one does not want to stay with someone in a relationship anymore but then there surely are other ways to end it up, rather than to cheat and get away from it.

Here are few of the solid reasons to why men tend to cheat on his partner.

1. Feeling of insecurity from own self
It is a tendency of most of the men to have thoughts about oneself. They do look at other men success or achievement therefore consider themselves to be just losers. To feel better they use pornography, extramarital affairs or seeking attention from ladies.

2. He’s immature from within
Not every guy gets mature with age. Some tend to remain immature no matter how old they get.
Therefore they do not know what a relation actually mean. They might have a thinking that as long as their partner is unknown of another relation they are not hurting anybody. They forget that eventually truth will come to light, no matter how smart they think of themselves.

3. Probably he’s bored of relation
There might be case that he eventually has got exhausted or overburdened being in the relation for a long time. So just to feel something special he might try out to hit on other woman or any such thing.

4. He is completely shattered
Due to some reasons be it a past experiences or anything, a guy may be restricted from within to have commitment. They might have got so impacted that they end up having pleasure outside his relation as way to escape from his psychological scars.

5. He expects a lot more
There might be chances that his partner might not be able to satisfy his needs emotionally, physically or both. Therefore, he may seek to have attention somewhere else or look out for satisfaction from another woman.

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