The pain of emotional affairs is often not taken into consideration. It can be easy to understand that if they aren’t sleeping together, then what is the big deal? … But there are certain ways in which emotional affairs or cheating is actually worse than physical ones. An affair of the body is only a matter of a night or two,but an affair of the heart takes much longer to form and is far more dangerous to a healthy relationship.

Honest feelings are involved.
As disheartening as physical affairs turn out to be, emotional affairs don’t require deep romantic feelings. Emotional affairs, however, can feel far more personal because they imply that your S.O. liked someone else because they were exciting to be around as compared to you. It hurts much more than the idea of your partner just being a moron who can’t control his boner.


You feel less prioritized
Physical cheaters are pretty easy to neglect at least if you’re hurt because deep down you know that you dated a jerk that you’re 100 percent better off without. The worst feeling is of your babe having sneaky feels for someone else which will make you feel like you’ve been demoted from rom-com lead to a flatter side character who is actually just an obstacle to the love story.

It’s usually harder to detect
A continuous physical affair usually involves texting and cheesy dick pics. Emotional cheating can include your boyfriend religiously watching his ex girlfriend’s Insta stories or always opting to get lunch with the same coworker he slowly developed a catastrophically massive crush on.

It makes you feel like you’re being angered
While physical cheating is as brutal as an affair can get, emotional cheating is so much easier for a partner to be in refusal about. You’ll genuinely start to question him now and again about if he sees a girl like a sister or a friend and get jealous about all the compliments he gets.

It can extend a lot longer.
A hookup can happen the one night you decide not to go out with him and his friends An emotional affair, on the other hand, can start real slow until they announce they’ve liked their friend the entire time you guys have been dating but only realized it now.

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