5 Reasons Panty Liners Are A Must-Have For Feminine Intimate Hygiene

Almost every woman experiences vaginal discharge at some point in life, which is completely normal. However, it can give an annoying experience of being unhygienic and not fresh. If you are looking for that clean feeling down there, we give you five reasons why you must make panty liners your new best friends!

everteen, the feminine hygiene expert, partners with Woman’s Era to bring you tips for maintaining a complete feminine intimate hygiene.

Pantyliners are nothing less than a blessing for every woman. They are perfect for managing white discharge and light urinary leakages throughout the month. They are also ideal for days when you have occasional spotting just before or after your periods. This is when the regular sanitary pads or tampons are not yet out, and you may be caught unawares in rather embarrassing moments at work, home or social gatherings. Panty liners easily absorb such light natural discharges and keep you dry, fresh and clean all day long. Let’s dive a little (Ahem!) deeper and discover how panty liners are the best saviour for you.

1. Keep you fresh all day

Panty liners are designed for everyday use without any discomfort. The absorbent top layer does not let you feel wet during and after vaginal discharge or urine leakage. The liners also ensure that your panty is clean and stain-free all-day long.

2. Prevent infections

Dampness is the biggest reason for the growth of bacteria and other germs. Panty liners keep your genitals dry and clean to help prevent microbial growth. everteen® daily panty liners are ultra-thin to give you added comfort without the bulky feeling. They feature a 100% natural cotton-top surface, which is skin-friendly and gives you immediate dryness and a softer touch. The breathable top layer keeps your panty area dry and odourless. Further, a negative-ion antibacterial strip prevents bacterial infection. All these features provide you invisible super-comfort and freedom from wetness and itching.

3. Best for the activities like running and exercising

If you are a sports aficionado, it becomes even more important to wear a good panty liner every day. Sometimes, fast running and jogging can cause you to lose bladder control leading to apparent urine leakage. Sweating due to strenuous physical activity also creates dampness and puts you at risk of infection. A panty liner in place saves you from health risks as well as public embarrassment.

4. Saves you at the time of sudden periods

One of the top advantages of a panty liner is that it saves you at the time of sudden periods. When you don’t have a sanitary pad ready with you but have cultivated a habit of wearing panty liners throughout the month, these invisibly thin warriors can bravely hold the onslaught of the flow for quite some time. This gives you the much-needed time to arrange for your regular sanitary supplies.

If you are a new mom, especially use liners to manage light postpartum flow, which is yet another delightful reason to have them in your handbag at all times. Light postpartum flow usually continues for a few weeks after delivery. Make sure you only use super-absorbent panty liners such as everteen® during this period to prevent leakage.

5. When you don’t have access to tissue

At a restaurant or a theatre, we are bound to use the public washroom. Though most of these places will have a tissue roll, yet sometimes even the upscale places may be out of stock with a replacement downtime. This is the time when the panty liners come to your rescue and save you from unsafe exposure to wetness and discomfort.

Have you used pantyliners for any other use? Share such benefits in the comments and help other women choose this thin shield as their new best friend for feminine intimate hygiene!

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