While some relationships end in the most terrible ways, there are also some which finish off merrily with mutual consent. But however be the conclusion of your relationship, good or bad, to stay in touch with your ex and being friends with him or her is a super-bad idea.


After the break-up, there are more 80% chances of you and your ex to bump into each other. It can be through mutual friends that you both once shared or even because of your ex’s change of mind to get in touch with you again. There are also of you missing your ex and you would want to console yourself by at least being friends with him/her. Mind you dear, whatever be the reason, reconciliation with your ex partner as an friend can turn out to be the most disastrous decision of your life.

And here we bring to you 5 reasons to stop you from doing that!

  1. Relationships are fragile; one needs to handle them with utmost care. Being friends with your ex can literally destroy your new relationship. Can you imagine your partner being all frank and buddy-buddy with his/her ex-partner? No, right? Not only will this make your partner very uncomfortable and jealous, but also breed on a heck more problems in your new love paradise.
  2. It will confuse you: You both parted ways for a reason that was strong enough to break your relationship. But if you continue to be friends with him/her, you won’t ever be able to move on properly and a time will come when you would remember all the good times spent together and would want to get back into a relationship. This will complicate your life even more and mentally exhaust you. You might even end up getting hooked up with him again, that too for all wrong reasons.
  3. It’s very painful: Just imagine consoling yourself by being friends with your ex whom you still care about and wish to patch-up. But your ex doesn’t think that way and is all moved on in his life already. He/she might even start dating a new person. All this happening in your presence will shatter your heart and make you go through a heart-wrenching pain. I am sure, you wouldn’t want that to happen to you!
  4. You have other friends too: Come on, you just can’t decide to settle as friends with the person with whom you once shared bed just because you want company to hang out for movies, restaurants, etc. Remember, you also have other friends to do the deed!
  5. It will be too awkward: I  mean really, you both have seen each other naked and have had all the possible mushy conversations! Deciding on to lead a ‘just friends’ tag with the same person will put you in embarrassing and awkward situations so many times. Imagine randomly kissing your ex  out of habit when you both were friends, who is now your friend! Duh!
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