5 Romantic Places To Visit With Your Partner This Monsoon

We all are waiting the monsoon season to hit Delhi. It will help all of us have a respite form the heat wave. Here’s a list of places you can visit with your partner.

Rooftop cafes:

Covered rooftop cafes can be very romantic in the monsoon season. Cool wind and one’s partner. Rooftop cafes can be really mesmerizing and a lovely experience for a couple.



Street food stalls:

Delhi has one of the best street foods. Tea on a roadside stall in rain with your loved one can be really romantic. It can be the way it is pictured in films and books.



Long drive:

A long drive is always fun. The raindrops falling gently on your car while you are there with your loved one in the car can be very romantic. The beauty of the drive can leave one with a pleasing effect.



Early morning walks and jogs:


One can always go for early morning walks and jogs. The rain removes most of the pollution and allows one to peacefully enjoy the beauty of the city.



Romantic lunch or dinner:


Monsoon season is mostly associated with romance and one can thoroughly enjoy it by going for a lunch or dinner date with their loved one.



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