To have a crush on someone is normal. And marriage does not put a break on it. But for you as a wife it is very heart breaking to know that your husband who lives with you physically is mentally getting attached to your close friend who is also special to you. Feeling neglected from your husband can put a stress on your relationship. Before this crush turns to infidelity take some stern steps. But first find out what’s going in your husband’s mind. It is not easy to hit upon the signs as you may completely ignore them or take them casually.

1. Wants to know more
Your husband will try to extract more details about your friend in his conversation with you like her likes and dislikes, her hobbies, her family and her relationship with her husband or boyfriend. He will mention her name often and even compare you with your friend. You may also find your husband reading your chat conversation with your friend and checking her on social media.
2. Excuse to meet her
Is your husband pressurizing you to call her home often or plan a get together? Does he offer you to drop you at her place or pick you up from the party where your friend is also present? Does he make sure that your friend is coming to the party he is hosting? If you find this unusual of him then get alarmed.
3. Grooms himself
He will put in more effort to look pleasing and attractive. He will be well groomed before the prospects of meeting your friend. He may ask you to comment on his looks to get an opinion. He may start exercising and take interest in an activity which your friend is fond of.
4. Defends her
Incase you are having any problem with your friend he finds fault in you instead of taking your side and gets defensive towards her. He will ask you to mend your friendship. He will be extra good and helpful to her. He will not only pay attention to what she is wearing like her earring, hair, attire, nails, eyes, lips, figure, smile, skills, her everything but also appreciate the same.
5. Loose behaviour
When your husband is mentally ready to take his attraction a step forward he will take liberty to appreciate her in your presence to judge your reaction. He will flirt with her to develop her interest in him. He may stand or sit too close to her. He will talk to her more and make sure she is comfortable. He will take out time to help her out in pretext that she is your friend. He will try to put his hand on her arms, back while in conversation or dancing more often. He will not be as passionate with you as he was before for he is already fantasizing your friend.

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