We understand the emotional phase a girl goes through when it comes to saying ‘Yes’ to him. For those who are in love know that there are times when the relationship goes through a rough patch and you face a heartbreak everyday. However, it doesn’t make your love vanish just like that. It ultimately creates a lot of confusion in your head. To make it easier for you, we have 5 signs that will help you decide if he is the man for you.

GettyImages-498685018-57c47b3b5f9b5855e5baf93cHe makes sacrifices for you

When we are in love, we are ready to make sacrifices for the one we love. If he sacrifices something just for you, then you know that you are with the right person. Make sure that you too feel the same for him and are ready to make sacrifices whenever the situation demands.

He loves you the way you are

When it comes to choosing your partner, you must always go with the person who accepts you the way you are. If you can’t be in your raw form in front of him or fake around, then you must part ways. If he is the right one, you will be yourself with him. If tries to change you, he is not the one.

You are a part of his future plans

Are you a part of his future plans? He often discusses his future plans with you, does he mention about you while talking about it? If yes, then he is serious about you and wants to make you a part of his future. If no, you need to rethink about him.

He makes you feel special

If he makes you feel special even after years of your relationship, then you are with the right partner. You two must keep making efforts for each other and make your partner feel special. This keeps the love alive and makes the relationship stronger.

You are his priority

Are you his priority? Is he there for you when you need him? There will be times when you will have to choose between other people and your partner. It is then that you will realise your importance in the lives of each other. 

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