Do you get cold feet when you start liking someone? The fear of commitments can devastate even the best of relationships! But most of us need to be very sure before making a commitment to someone. This is because commitment is a scary word for some people. The fear of commitment has always been a guy thing, but in no way is it an exclusive guy thing. Women are just as prone to being afraid to commit as men. There are several things a woman needs to be sure about before she makes a commitment. So here are five signs that show you are scared to plunge into a commitment!

If you are really insecure about the guy you like then definitely you have a fear of entering into a relationship. This can be due to many reasons like you might not be sure that he is the one for you, maybe you like him a lot but he is too over possessive. This indication reveals that you are not ready for a commitment!

Expectation of getting something better
If you’re in the pursuit of wishing for something better then you’re probably not ready for a relationship. You don’t always need to drop one thing in exchange for the other, you can travel with a significant other or you can change your lifestyle by pursuing a new career. Ultimately, commitments don’t have to be treated like trading cards. You may think there’s someone out there who’s better than what you have but the same goes for them.
Fear of being left alone
Fear of being left alone is the greatest fear that woman face before entering into a relationship. No one can promise you that you will surely have a happy ending. Nothing in life stays forever. If you can accept this fact then you are ready for a commitment.
Lack of space
When couples start dating they are just mesmerized by each other, they feel like spending the whole day with each other. But gradually one of them feels trapped. Space is the silent killer of romance. If you’re afraid because you feel you’ll lose your own personal space then it’s a definite sign that you fear commitments!
Unpleasant memories of the past
Experiences work like shock therapy; you get burned enough times and you naturally become conditioned to stop doing it. So if you’ve had bad relationships in the past then probably those haunting memories won’t let you enter into a new relationship.

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