When you break up with your guy, it is difficult for you to overcome those feelings at once. It takes time to move on. And just when you have prepared your mind to move on, how does it feel when your ex starts giving you mixed signals of getting back together again? Does that really mean that he still loves you?

Here are 5 signs that show that your ex (guy) still loves you.

* Asks their friends to spy on you

If he is not able to be around you for some reason, he would ask his friends to keep an eye on your activities. His friends who otherwise never cared if you even existed would suddenly seem too interested in your life and your whereabouts. And if by chance you have blocked your guy from all your social media accounts, his friends are there to keep him updated of each and every new male friend that you added in your friend list lately.

* Tries to make you feel jealous

Though he doesn’t admit that he loves you, but his actions do speak louder than his words. He would reach out to any random girl and make fake love with her just to let you know about it. He would intentionally put a cosy picture with her new girl just to show off or make you feel jealous. And there are times, when he doesn’t even mind lying to you of having a new girlfriend that he doesn’t even have. He just does it to see if you are even affected by it or not.

*Drunk dials you

When your ex drunk dials your number, it’s not only because he is intoxicated. Often, he drunk dials you because he still loves you. All of a sudden he admits all his mistakes and is ready to take responsibility that it would never happen again. He insists you to not hang up on him and pleads to give him another chance. Even if you hang up his call, he would call you again and again. And if you don’t pick up, you’re sure to receive a text message or two.

*Keeps in touch with your friends

One reason why your ex keeps in touch with your friends even after your breakup is that he has developed a close bond with them. And just because things weren’t working out between the two of you doesn’t mean he’ll break friendships with them. Another reason why he is keeping in touch with your friends is that he is still not over you, and no one other than your friends can tell him about your regular updates.

*Calls you from unknown numbers

After a breakup, guys who often claim that they would never try to keep in touch with you are the only ones who call you from random unknown numbers. Though they don’t speak up, but you know it is them. They probably do this because they are still not over you and expect you to get normal after all the past drama they did. They will make a lot of efforts by calling you in every 6 days from these unknown numbers but not reveal their identity.


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