The reasons can be numerous, but here are a few reasons which give the answer how as to why couples (who have a shot at being happy), tend to break up.

The past love

This happens a lot. When someone breaks off one relationship due to problems and starts off with a new partner, it always seems like the only option and right decision. The person may keep repeating to him/herself, all the times when they had been sad and hurt in the previous relationship. This helps them move over one partner and start with another. But this does not always end in a good way. When the romantic phase of the new relation starts to fade and the new relation starts facing problems, the person tends to thinks back about the good times with their previous lovers. Comparing the wrong things is what confuses them.

The past trauma

Many parents are not happy. They may fight all day or simply break off their married life and this affects the child, growing up. Not being able to feel any love between parents, children tend to view the world with dark or unfulfilled emotions. They may want to start a relationship and even want to be happy at the end of the day, but the thought that never leaves the mind is, ‘even if everything is going is good, it is bound to get ugly in the end’

Committed for life?

Many people fear commitment. They view commitment the way a prisoner views shackles. Commitment means loss of freedom to them but that is just an illusion. It is true that many people turn a relationship into hell with their controlling and dominating nature but that doesn’t mean that commitment in itself are the chains. People need to choose the right partner for themselves based on the nature of the partner. Judging people by looks, salary or family status will always make you end up at the wrong table.

Life goals and dreams

Many times, people’s aspirations are so strong that they feel that they don’t want anything else to get in between their dream and themselves. A relationship requires time and hard-work. Being there for your partner when they need you and when they want to be near you, are all only normal things in a relationship and may seem like a potential time waster and threat towards your dream.


The partner or partners may not want to work hard for a relationship. This is the category of those people who, irrespective of whatever reasons they have, always want to run away when things get troublesome.

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