5 Situations Where Your Heart Fights With Your Mind In Relationships

Every human is blessed with a mind and a heart. But both mind and heart accept any situation in a different way. The mind thinks critically and logically, analyzes and reasons the situation, derives lessons learned from past experiences, brings together information and comes to a conclusion. But heart works differently. It feels the situation, looks into the relationship with the people involved, understands the future with them, works on the emotions and good and bad experiences and then comes to a conclusion. Mind intelligence is normally associated with the left side of the brain that thinks in terms of logic and language while emotional intelligence which relates to heart is associated with the right side of the brain that is associated with emotions and creativity.

There is a famous proverb, “Sometimes your heart needs more time to accept what your mind already knows”. For Mind, observations are stronger than the heart. And the ‘heart has its reasons which the mind knows nothing of’ as said by French Philosopher Blaise Pascal. There are situations in relationships and life where your mind gives reasons to behave in a certain way but the heart finds it difficult to accept because of emotional connections.


Many times the mind gives strong indication that your frequent association with certain relationship has become a burden on them. For mind has observed the person’s body language, behavior and apathy. Even your heart must have felt the hurt and pain but because you are so dependent on that relationship for your emotional needs that you just don’t want to let it go and become a burden on the other person. If you go to an old age home and talk to old parents there their heart still desires to stay with their kids through their mind curses their kids for neglecting them. Your partner has decided to break-up with you and your mind has accepted it still you keep contacting your partner with a hope of patching up again for your heart has not accepted the situation. Here your relationship will become a burden on your partner.

Sometimes people know that they are being used in a relationship still they find it extremely difficult to take any stern step for their heart is not with their mind. Rani’s mind knew that her husband is with her only till she keeps handing over her salary to him still she tolerated him for years just for the sake of her children and her love for him. Kriti’s boyfriend was in relationship with her only to make his ex-girlfriend jealous still she let him control her life because of her attraction towards him. Some friends call you only in their time of need else are not there when you desire them still you are close to them because you don’t have many relations in your life and if they leave, you fear being lonely.

Many people are in a relationship where their mind knows that they could have been with a much better partner and their current one does not deserve them. This could be due to incompatibility still their hearts continues with the relationship for they do not want to hurt their partner. There are young girls falling for bad guys due to their strong physical attraction towards them. These girls are warned by the parents, teachers and friends to stay away and their minds to accept the reasons still they have relationships with such guys for their hearts differ from their mind.

The most difficult is to control your desires that satisfy your senses. Your mind already knows the negative consequences of your desires but your heart does not accept the same and you fall in to fulfill your wishes. This can be as simple as eating something that is banned for you to falling in an extramarital affair. Human mind knows it will stay happy in simple living still attraction towards materialistic living is hard to leave for the heart is attracted towards it. Mind knows addictions are bad still it becomes difficult to give up because of emotional stress related to heart and addictions comforting the emotions temporarily.

Any change in the present lifestyle or situation makes it very difficult for the heart to accept the situation initially. Whether its medical complication, death of a near dear one, loss of job or having a special child all have a deep impact on the emotional well being of a person. Though the mind accepts the situation it becomes hard for the heart to sink in the feeling and live in the present.


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