5 Stunning & Pocket-friendly Rooftop Cafes in Delhi Where You Can Chew With a View

For people like me, food is LIFE!

It’s something that gives me happiness, improves my mood and gives me the energy to think better.

But it’s also an experience.  And to make this experience even more amazing, there are few factors that come into play. The decor, the vibe, and the aura, everything checks to ensure that one has a fantastic meal experience. It’s obvious that indoor fine dining has it’s very own appeal, however, a decent rooftop cafe is without a doubt the best setting to enjoy your food while you make the most of the sunny afternoon or a starry night.

The issue here is that these beautiful experiences often cost us a small fortune and may prove to be a bit too heavy on our purse. Leaving us with a huge out of the budget bill.

If you can relate to this situation, here are 5 reasonable and beautiful rooftop cafes for you to appreciate the ever-so stunning Delhi while having the best meal experience.

1. The Potbelly Rooftop Cafe, Shahpur Jat

Delhi is a place which offers cuisines from every part of India. But when we speak about Bihari food, we can only think of Potbelly Cafe. With large windows, this rooftop Cafe has an abundance of natural light and air. Colorful and vibrant walls filled this place with positive vibes. You will have to climb a strenuous stairway up to the cafe but after tasting the food you will not mind it.

2. #OFF Campus, Satya Niketan

Located in the pool of restaurant. Satyaniketan is a paradise for foodies and students of Delhi University, South Campus. This cafe is awesome to have rooftop space too with loud music and great Italian food. The place also has two floors of seating space with an indoor and outdoor seating area along with a big screen for live match screening.

3. Summer House Cafe. Hauz Khas

One of the best places with a sophisticated atmosphere and vibe. It’s always a bit crowded be it a weekday or a weekend because of its great ambiance, so we would suggest you book a table before going.  If in a pure party mode, then it’s a great place to swing by.

4. Roadhouse Cafe, GK 1

Perfect place to chill after a hectic day at work or catch up with your friends. The cafe focused more on the Italian side although you can get some delicious non-Italian starters too with your drinks. Don’t forget to check out their amazing offers on drinks and their innovative cocktails.

5. Hyper Local, SDA Market

It’s one of the few pubs in SDA market and undoubtedly it is one of those good ones with great live musical performance and an awesome ambiance.  A perfect place for you and your buddies to chill.

Head straight to these beautiful places to relish the best food moments in the wonderful company of nature.

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