5 Super chic hairstyles to steal from Alia Bhatt

By Tanya Malik

December 03, 2016

We are such big fans of Alia’s casual and chic looks. Every time we have a look at her Instagram handle, we get some major fashion goals. This time we are amazed seeing her super cool hairstyles. She carried all of them with much ease and chill. We are completely loving it and we have the top 5 hairstyles that you can steal from her. Have a look:

  1. Half bun knot

This one is trending like crazy. This half bun knot is perfect for any length hair and gives a super cool look. It goes well with casual dresses and is super easy to make. You just need to take some hair from your crown section and make a bun of it. Leave the rest of the hair open. You are ready to go!


  1. One side braid tuck

Perfect for any occasion, this one side braid tuck is easy to prepare. This hairstyle looks great with any outfit. Also, it can work for hair of any length. You just need to take a section of your hair from one side and start braiding it. You can make it a three strand braid. When you reach the center of your back, tuck in the braid with a pin and leave the other hair open.  You are done!


  1. High pouf Pony

When you are too confused to pick a hairstyle, go for a high pouf pony. It goes well with almost every outfit and can be done up quickly. We are totally in love with this hairstyle of Alia that she carries with a beautiful blue skater dress. This hairstyle can be prepared easily. Prepare a pouf from the crown section of your hair and secure it using a pin. Make a pony from the rest of the hair and tie using a band.

 4.  Messy school braid

Alia has given us a hairstyle for every occasion. This one is perfect for a hangout day with friends. Messy school braids give a very adorable look. To prepare this, you have to part your hair into 2 sides from the middle. Now, French braid your hair and leave hair at the ends. You are all ready to step out with a cute hairstyle!

5. The casual twist

We are in love with this casual twist hairstyle of Alia. This one is really trending like anything. This casual hairstyle can be carried off well with any outfit. You just need to take some hair from both the sides and twist it till the end. Tuck the twisted hair at the back with a pin.