5 Things A Woman Notices First In A Man

We all fantasize about our dream partner that showers his/her true love on us. Many times, we try numerous methods to pamper and impress our crush. Girls don’t always get attracted by fancy smartphones or your bank balance; instead, they prefer a cool and decent guy with some special qualities. Following are the 5 things a girl notices in a man during their very first meeting.

Personal Hygienic

Women are very particular about physical appearances, and it matters a lot while meeting a guy. You will be noticed if you have dirty nails or long and untidy hairs, so make sure you are neat and well-groomed before meeting a girl. Personal hygiene not only includes taking care of your teeth, hair and nails but also staying away from body odor or grimy facial hair.

Personal hygiene is the topmost priority for women and if you lack it, it means a polite no for you.


The way you dress up for your first date always marks an everlasting impression on your lady love. It doesn’t matter if you are opting for the smart casuals or frayed jeans till the time it is clean and ironed. Try to adopt that personal style which adds sparks to your personality & lifestyle.

Body Language

Our body speaks a lot about us; stay confident with a spark in your eyes while talking to a woman as you will be judged instantly as per your body language. So, talk to her in a confident way. Don’t give her non-verbal cues which might show that you are uncomfortable sitting next to her. Some postures like arms crossed against the chest might show defensive or secretive personalities of yours.


The way you walk or talk to someone else, is always judged. If you don’t fall in the category of a good-mannered boy, it means a strict NO from the girl’s side. Try to come on time, hold the door open for her and follow ‘ladies first’ culture and try to be a gentleman and give her the best comfort where she can feel really special.

Beard or Moustache

Gone were the days when clean shaped men were preferred by the women, today girls prefer bearded guys with the thick moustache as compared to clean shaped men. Thanks all to Indian celebrities who have set beard goals and have nailed the bearded look with confidence.


Last but not the least, never lose confident in yourself as it boosts your personality multiple times and is the best way to turn situations into your favor. “With confidence, you have won before you have started”- Marcus Garvey.