5 Things Healthy Couples Do Together

Staying in a relationship is no easy thing, maintaining that healthy strong relationship requires work. But most of us get confused and don’t know exactly what to do! Well, fear not lads, here are five points that partners should do together for that amazing healthy relationship.


Work Out

Obviously you are aware that a good sweat session is great for your body and brain. Research shows it can improve your mood, memory, and sleep, not to mention speed up your metabolism, lower your bad cholesterol as well. So imagine how fun and full of advantages it can be to work out with your partner.


According to Ayo Gathing, who is a M.D., psychiatrist, relationship expert, and co-author of The Modern Trophy Wife. “Exercise stimulates the sympathetic nervous system, which elevates the heart rate, blood pressure, and respiration. This heightened physiologic state causes the body to be more aroused, and it helps you perceive your partner as more attractive.”

Talk about Money

Experts on relationships across the globe say money matters are one of the leading causes of divorce. Therefore, one thing all healthy couples should do is talk about money.

“Rather than having one of person handle all the finances, paying bills together regularly are what couples should do. That way, there are no secrets, no surprises, and you can even make a game out of it to see if you can figure out a way to make your money work effectively. Sure, paying the bills isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of fun, but it relieves an undercurrent of stress and strengthens a couple’s ability to work together on common goals.” said by Gretchen Kubacky, a health psychologist in Los Angeles.

Prepare a Full Meal

“Cooking can be a major area of contention for couples, as there is generally one person that is responsible for making the meals. Regardless of who’s the chef of the family, it’s smart to set aside a time to prepare a full meal together. Even if someone is only passing items, cooking together promotes a sense of teamwork” explains Ayo Gathing. Fun fact is that men tend to converse more when they’re doing something side by side, like chopping vegetables, rather than staring directly at their partner.

Play Games

Healthy couples make sure their partners are a part of board games like Scrabble, monopoly, Ludo, Trivial Pursuit etc. automatically infuse fun and opportunities to learn about one another. So plan it out; call it a game night. It will surely help elevate stress and a laughter session that goes with is just the cherry on the top.


Celebrate Success

When you do something great, it’s amazing. But when your partner does something awesome, that provides next-level happiness. Normally that’s how that’s how healthy couples feel. One study shows that the way a person responds to her/his partner’s success is even more important than how she/he responds in a crisis. Researchers found that it was a partner’s reaction to their loved one’s achievements that most strongly predicted the strength of the relationship. In other words, the more stoked you are about his/her accomplishments, the more likely you both are to last.