The most important part of a relationship, more important than ‘the love you share’ is, the understanding you share. You cannot hope for your relation to last for a long time if you don’t know your partner in and out. Of course, knowing everything about someone requires a lot of time, but these are a few basic topics you can clear out without waiting for a long time.


  • Your Goals in life- When we engage in our love lives, many a times we tend to ignore our career and other goals which are just as important. Knowing your partner’s aspirations and letting them know yours will help the two of you stay focused on your dreams.
  • Your fears- Just as your aspirations are important, your fears are important to. If you want this person to be your life partner, then you would want this person’s support in every up and down in your life and some things need to be put forward in words. Your partner is not a telepath and neither are you.
  • Your views about the world- This might not seem so important but can lead to huge fights if you disagree strongly. Knowing what your partner believes in will help you both avoid conflict by debating on topics that you utterly disagree on.
  • The respect factor- Respect is again a very important point. If your partner cannot respect parents, animals, food, elder people, younger people and basically every living thing that requires a degree of respect, then you should either consider talking to him/her or consider your relationship status. This is important as this also defines the level of respect you would receive from your partner.
  • Personal space- If you are together then you should know everything about each other. But if your partner feels that he/she does not want to talk about something or likes to spend time with other people, then respect that privacy and give your partner the breathing space that he/she requires.

These are only the starting points of a relationship. The list goes on as your time together increases. But if you have these basic things sorted out, then at least you can avoid having pointless fights and anxiety only to understand your partner through the hard way

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