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The man of the moment is highly competitive, difficult to comprehend, ruthlessly ambitious, unforgiving, passionate about everything in life, and not the least apologetic about any of these. He is successful in juggling both professional and personal lives with effortless aplomb and proudly carries this ability as a badge of honor upon his chest. When he wants something, he wants it bad, and now! So, what exactly are the top five things that a man simply cannot live without? Fret not, to know it!
things Men can’t live without

A man, whether in his late teens or early 60s, irrefutably enjoys the company and companionship of a woman. Be it a girlfriend or a wife, a man at any stage of life feels innately incomplete until and unless he has a woman by his side. Men these days are very particular of the woman they want in their lives. Be it in the form of a prospective wife or a girlfriend with whom they wish to have a relationship, men are very demanding and astute when they are in a position of deciding upon which lady suits their requirements. Be it tall, slim and dusky, or petite, peachy, and just about perfect, today’s man is hell- bent on getting the woman of his dreams, to be an integral part of his reality! Most women feel that all men are “dogs”, “unfaithful liars” and “commitment-phobic”. Well, this might be true to some extent, but what one shouldn’t forget is that, once a man sets his heart upon a woman, he’ll travel to the moon and back, if that is what it takes for the woman he loves to be a part of his life and forever by his side!


Since time immemorial, or to sound more practical, since the advent of automotive engineering, men around the world seem to have a passion for cars which they just can’t get rid of! From early childhood itself young boys develop an avid interest and somewhat of an obsession for cars, and this obsession turns their dream machines into reality when, all grown up. Men spend their life’s savings upon purchasing the car or cars, about which they’ve always dreamt of! So, be it a sturdy hatchback in pearl white, a sleek, and glamorous midnight black sedan, or a monstrous tan SUV, men these days just can’t get enough of cars! Moreover, with the manic speed at which Indian and international car manufacturers, both regular companies as also high-end luxury ones, are churning out new and updated models of cars in irresistible shades, features, and prices, the men of today are spoilt for choice and feel like a kid in a candy store whence they step into a car showroom or pick up an exciting automotive publication that offers them the world of cars. An important factor for this strong bond between men and their mean machines could be the sheer fact that men get an adrenaline rush with speeds that could literally kill. Also, suave urban cosmopolitan men these days feel that owning a vehicle which is exclusive, one of a kind and beyond the reach of many, is nothing less than a status symbol, and is indubitably something which, after acquisition, sets the ‘real man’ apart from the boys and whining wannabes!

Shoes and watches

Who said only women lust after shoes and all things pretty, glitzy, and glamorous? Today’s men are equally fond of collecting fancy watches and sleek shoes. Be it unbelievably priced designer timepieces from Rado, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, Longines, Omega, Tissot, TAG Heuer, and Balmain; to designer footwear such as gladiator sandals, leather loafers, calfskin boots, and LED-fitted sexy sneakers from luxury fashion houses such as Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Tods, Ermengildo Zegna, the man of the moment has surely no dearth of options! All he needs is an endless pocket, and the best of the best is just a glance away. When it comes to either watches or shoes, men are extremely particular about paying attention to detail, material, colour, and brand heritage. This is surprising, since, they seem to be paying not much attention to the price tags. Strutting their swanky new pairs at office meetings to impress the boss and envious colleagues, without a doubt gives men a high like no other. Similarly, when it comes to adorning exotic timepieces at late night parties and clubs, men just know for a fact, that the sexier the watch, the greater will be the female attention.


They say the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Absolutely true. Food is one of the most important things that a man lives and works for. Therefore, getting what he wants is all that concerns him. Men these days, though, are as hungry as ever, however, they don’t for once seem to hesitate from trying new cuisines and developing keen tastes and interests in gastronomical delicacies from around the globe.

things Men can’t live without

Be it Thai, Russian, Italian, Mexican, Continental, or the old-school fish & chips, pepperoni pizza, or mac & cheese, men are extremely enthusiastic eaters for whom size matters, and therefore the more the merrier! Men who indulge in international travelling are also seen experimenting with exotic dishes made out of pork eyes, goat hooves, dog and cat meat, worms, octopus, and what all and what not! While meat-eating men have limitless variety and assortments galore, the vegetarians are also not short of extravagant dining experiences, since, international food hotspots located around the globe as also in Indian high-end malls, plazas, and hotels, offer a diverse range of vegetarian and vegan delicacies made out in the form of exquisite salads, quiches, submarines, rolls, sizzlers, and much more. Since globalisation, the world has only become more interconnected and closer than ever and, as a result of which, men, who once had to travel to far-off lands to buy a bottle of a premier champagne or red wine, can now order the same exotics with a click of a button through online portals with 24 to 48 hours delivery guaranteed. Life just seems to have become more personalised, and custom-made to suit the needs of every modern man.


Gone are the days when only women used to frequent malls and clothing stores. In the present era, men are taking centre stage and are doing whatever it takes to bring the spotlight upon themselves, and of course their sartorial choices. From keeping themselves upbeat about the latest trends from international runways to actually splurging big bucks on high-street and designer wear, men are shy no more. If this is what will make heads turn, tongues wag, and eyes roll, so be it – is what they say. Clothing – and more so, good clothing – has rapidly become an integral spot in the lives of all fashion-forward men. Whether it’s tan chinos, a classic pair of blue jeans and a simple white shirt, a British styled trench coat, an elegantly tailored conference suit, or a leather jacket that never goes out of style, men today simply have it all. Further­more, experimental fashion is also something that Indian men are taking deep interest in after taking a cue from their international counterparts.

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