You should be totally honest and accepting of your partner but there are a few things that you should not say to your partner. These things apply to you as well, as in, you would get mad if these were said to you as well. Here are 6 things you should refrain yourself from saying:

Hurtful names and abuses- There should be no problem if you communicate like this but if you don’t, then using hurt words can really hurt your partner to the point where they might start avoiding conversations with you. Calling you partner a ‘bitch’ or ‘asshole’ time and again is going to lower your image considerably in your partner’s eyes.


‘Always’ and ‘never’- Well… never use these terms or you will always have troubles with your partner. Starting a sentence with this term means that you are in an attack mode and when someone attacks you, you defend yourself. You partner immediately starts defending him/herself. This is human nature so don’t be so hard on your love.


‘Chill out’ or ‘relax’- People don’t react or over-react without a reason. If your partner suddenly throws up a tantrum or get really angry, don’t ever, ever tell them to chill. It will just make everything worse. Even if they really are just blowing things out of proportion, don’t ask them to relax just yet. Let them cool off and then point out their behavior or you’ll have a typhoon in your house.


Sarcastic remarks and comments- If you just had a fight from which you are still angry and irritated, and the best thing you can do is throw rude comments at your partner, then you better grow up. Stretching out a topic like this will only worsen your fight. Another very important thing is to never make bad remarks about your partner’s parents. Even if there is some problem from their side, even if your partner themselves cannot stand their parents, still, never badmouth them. somewhere deep inside we all want to be loved and accepted by our parents and when you badmouth these ‘emotionally distant’ parents, even someone who normally fight with them would feel bad. Family members will never go away so all you can do is just politely convey your point.


The break up threat- If you think that every fight needs to end with ‘I’ll break up with you’, or your partner keeps threatening you to leave whenever there is a fight, then there is definitely something wrong here. You don’t break up a serious relationship over small fights. In fact, this should be a term that is never to be used until and unless you really do want to leave. Saying these things repeatedly will only make your relationship insecure.

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