The excitement of starting a new relationship is just unexplainable. You are on cloud nine and everything seems so rosy to you. But beginning of a relationship can be a bit tricky. It is not certain whether your partner would feel comfortable with you or not. You’re always wondering if things will fall in place or not.

If you wish to give your new relationship a perfect beginning, here is a list of 5 things that you should always remember when you are in a new relationship:


  • Get yourself done with your past relationships.


One should think of getting into a new relationship only when he or she is over his or her past. Your ex girlfriend or boyfriend should not keep lingering around you while you are in a new relationship. This not only builds trust- issues between you and your new partner but also makes it difficult for the two of you to take it further smoothly. You need to make a choice and ensure that your ex doesn’t interfere between you and your partner anymore.


  • Don’t be in a hurry


You should not be in a hurry. It takes ages for two people to know each other completely. Go out for a date and talk to each other. Don’t bump into decisions of marrying each other within a month of a relationship. Life is uncertain. Even if you have already made some plans for your future with your partner, don’t be too sure that it will go too far. Also, when you are in a new relationship, keep this in mind that you don’t rush to be intimate with each other. Do it only when it feels right.


  • Be who you are


If you think that talking impressively all the time is going to help you win your new relationship, you’re wrong. You need to know that no matter how hard you try to pretend that you are way too cool, you’ll still remain the one who you are in real. And if your partner comes to know that all this while you pretended to be someone you never were, it’ll hurt them. So, it’s better to be loved for who you are than to be hated for who you faked to be. Your partner will appreciate it and it won’t be difficult for you to be your true self when you are with him or her.


  • Try to open up


People always find it difficult to open up easily in a new relationship. But it is important for you to become friendly with your partner if you want your relationship to grow. If you can’t even open up with a person whom you claim to love the most, then it would be difficult for you to survive in that relationship for long. Your partner won’t know what you are feeling until and unless you tell him or her about it. Don’t overthink and be direct. When you explain your partner what you want, there is no room for confusion.


  • Don’t compare your new partner with your ex


This is the last thing one should do in a new relationship. No guy or girl likes it when their partner starts comparing him or her with their ex. By doing this, you are only going to end up hurting your partner. Every other person is different from one another and so is their way of loving. Even if your previous partner was more interesting or fun to be with, you should never make your present boyfriend or girlfriend feel any less. He or she is there for you only because you chose them as your partner.


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