Love is probably the deepest feeling in life. It is also an experience that is like no other. From happy cries to sad cries and everything in between, love and relationships teach us how to live life better and in the process become a kinder, gentler and a more understanding person. But love or a relationship for that matter isn’t a walk in the park, it isn’t just about the flying kisses and the romantic outings, it is also about the fights, the misunderstandings and how you learn to respect another person while not losing your own.

So if you are stressed out or misunderstood, this is for you. Here are 5 things only people who are confused with their relationships can relate to:

1.    You Love Them A Lot

You love them, you want the best for them and actually want things to work for the both of you. There is always love, even if its deep down somewhere, you guys love each other and probably that’s why you care and hence are confused in the first place. You just get confused about how much you love them or where is this relationship going.

2.    You Hate Them Too

Well, this is indeed evident for you, why you love them but a part of you really hates a certain part of them. You hate some of their habits or the way they react to certain things. You cannot stand it, you cannot take it, but you still love them.

3.    Your Friends Aren’t

They’re pretty sure you cannot decide on anything right now and they don’t want you to confuse you any more, especially when it comes to choosing a partner. They are afraid to give you an advice that you may regret later.  They want the best for you but the truth is that you haven’t given them a clear picture of your relationship as you are still confused.

4.    They’re Not Bad People

The reason that you’re confused is definitely not that they are bad. If you would have had a feeling that they are bad you would have definitely left them a long time ago. You know they are good, but you’re confused if they good for you or not.

5.    You Don’t Know What’s Next

You are also feeling a little confusion because you are quite uncertain about your future and hence worried about their place in your future. You are really confused about how to plan things now and what will happen if the things change in the coming future. Your confusion is creating distance between you two.

I know sometimes it’s really difficult to process certain things. But if you keep faith in your love, you will definitely figure out some way or things will get better with time. So just keep trust in love and the one you love.