Men get jealous if their woman does not give them the attention they deserve. They get highly disturbed if they find their lady is entertaining someone else. So it is difficult to make out weather what we are presuming is true or not.

We have summed up few indications that will let you identify if there is something fishy happening between you and your partner.


She has suddenly started asking your daily routine.

If your woman wants to know your exact schedule of the day like where you will go and when will you arrive back home. These kinds of questions seem to be new from  her so you need to keep a check of what is going on behind you and come back home early sometimes.

  • If she is lost in her own thoughts.

When you try to start a conversation with her she seems to be completely lost in her own world. She may be no more interested in relationship with you and finding ways to make an escape.

  • Not interested in romance anymore.

If she is not responding when you try to get intimidate with her maybe someone else is taking care of this.

  • Doesn’t confront you or hide things from you.

If she avoids direct questions from you and turn silent when you ask if she is cheating on you. She hides her phone calls and mobile from you.

  • She has added a new friend in her life.

If she is facing an unease in discussing about a new friend in her life and you can make out from her face there is definitely something wrong going on.

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