Relationship Fantasies are part of everyone’s world whether a man or woman. Most fantasies are about others than the current partner. But a lot of risk is involved if you try to convert your fantasy into reality. Risk of losing respect in the society, risk of harming your present relationship, risk of falling into some trap and getting blackmailed, risk that your career and life will stagnate. In the movie ‘Lipstick under my Burkha’, Ratna Pathak Shah tried to live the character Rosy from her novel and ended up getting humiliated by her family, the man himself and society. She was trying to live in two worlds, one real and one fantasized and created by her. It is not possible for a long time to manage two worlds amicably. Problems will begin on emotional and social levels if one world will face the other one, some day.

You may not be able to control your mind that is fantasizing. Its not wrong to fantasize. Fantasy is a result of suppressed feelings or something lacking in personal front which you live in dream world. But you should limit yourself living those fantasies in reality. If you are contemplating to bring your fantasy into reality follow these tips:-

1 ) Distract yourself
If the fantasy is distracting your daily life then concentrate on your work, hobbies, friends, family and other duties. Burn out all your energy by playing sports, hitting the gym, singing, dancing, and exercising. Keep your social life active. In few days you will see its lowered intensity and frequency.

2) Stay away
Stay away from the man or woman you are fantasizing. Purposely cut off all ties whether personal, professional or on social media with that person. For more interaction will boost your fantasy. Stay away from such movies or videos for a few days that divert your mind to the same fantasy. It’s out of sight, out of mind.
3)  Have fun with your partner
Focus on your real partner and keep things fun and exciting with him or her. Research shows that, those with greater relationship satisfaction pay less attention to alternative partners. May be your fantasy is filling up that empty space between you and your partner. Try to fill that gap. Your attraction and fantasizing will immediately stop.
4)  Imagine the worst
If your mind is compelling you to bring your fantasy alive then think the worst that can happen. How this can ruin your reputation, family life, career and personal- emotional life. Just think that it is natural to fantasize your attraction and train your mind not to dig into it much.

5)  Keep it a secret
Your fantasy should be a secret between you and your mind unless you are fantasizing your current partner. Do not burden your partners mind with every wayward fantasy your mind passes through for it will fade from your mind but not your real partners mind. Couples need to be frank but also know how much information to pass each other else your relationship will get troubled. Do not even let out your fantasy to your friends or anyone else for it will damage the reputation of the person you are fantasizing.

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