5 Unfortunate Signs That Says You Are In A One-sided Relationship

A relationships is a bond or the way in which two people are connected emotionally. It involves mutual trust, and feeling. The affair of the hearts have rule that should be followed by the man and woman both. Nothing works independently in a relationship. We all go through some serious issues in a relationship but we also have been in an ideal one. Look for the daunting signs that could give you a clear image of your relationship and help you shake him out of your head.

He doesn’t get the feeling of excitement and mystery
Every relationship should have some sense of craziness. He should feel erratic and wild when he sees you in an elegant outfit. If he doesn’t feel happy the moment he sees you, you know it is not going anywhere.

You always reach out first
If you are the one texting him first, and calling him to make plans, then you need to stop. Pause and think if you are really doing the right thing! A man should also take initiative to start a conversation, take you out on a date and a lot more. Don’t let the relationship suffer, let go before it is too late.

Laugh out the serious discussions
A funny man is what every girl needs but he should be humorous to some certain extend. If you are talking about something serious with him and he blocks you by laughing it out, you should realize that he isn’t ready for something serious. Being mature is important in a relationship. Nobody should miss out the serious stuff, and feel ignorant. After all, this relationship holds meaning, don’t treat it like some trash!

You beg for love and respect
Almost every woman is vulnerable no matter how strong she shows she is. If you aren’t getting the type of love and respect that you deserve, then maybe your man doesn’t deserve you. Don’t feel afraid to kick him out for being a jerk. Do not expect and wait for him to change, that is not going to happen any time sooner!

You’re an option to him
If he wants to take you out on a date and somehow you fail to show up, he takes his friend out for movies instead, then you aren’t important to him as much as you thought you were. You need to have concerns about yourself, too, girls!


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