You might have heard about the law of attraction. Each one of us has certain charismatic powers to attract others and connect with them. And when it comes to soul mates, each one of you is destined to meet someone in life who is meant for you will be your partner. Your soul mate is the person who will be your best friend, your sunshine, your everything. Finding soul-mate is not so much a task, it’s something that happens naturally when both of you are ready to be as one. But there are ways by which you can attract your soul mate.

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The whole universe works on this principle. Be honest of the things you want and those you will not tolerate. Lies and misconceptions doesn’t pay you for long. Be genuine and truthful to yourself. You are the only person who knows what you can live with and those things you cannot.
You cannot attract your soul mate if you are entertaining someone in the meantime to fill an empty space. You are not required to be alone forever, but the universe cannot provide a life partner while you are holding on to someone that you know is not right for you. Let go of the idea of loneliness.
Happiness is the key to remove all negative vibes you have. It has the power to make life simple and easy. Joy has the power to attract others and more and more people love to walk along with you in your life’s journey.

You must have certain expectations of what you want in your life partner. Use this to attract your soul mate. Make clear intentions of what you want as a lover, a partner, a friend and a parent for your children.
Expectations can ruin a life and a relationship. Your high expectations of what you will find in a relationship are baseless and will stop the flow of true love. Expectations are dangerous. They are part of a controlling mind. You cannot expect perfection. You can only attract who and what you are. The more loving you are, the more love you attract. Expectations only gives you disappointment.

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