“Oh dil pe patthar rakh ke, Muh pe makeup kar liya, Mere saiyan ji se aaj, Maine breakup kar liya”, these type of Bollywood peppy songs may help you move on over your recent breakup. After all, “Breakup” is one of the most difficult phases in one’s life. It is that phase that breaks you, shatters all your hopes and leaves you disheartened.

However, it is just a phase and one needs to get over it. It is that time when you need to stand strong, manage yourself and wipe out all the past memories. Here is how you can cheer yourself up post a breakup. You can also advise this to an idea to any of your friends who are suffering from post-breakup pain.

1. Intrapersonal Communication

If you don’t want to get emotional in front of anyone else then this way will help you. Intrapersonal communication helps you to express your heart in front of no one. This way you can resolve all your doubts and questions those are making you feel sad. This is the best way to wipe out all the trash from your heart and mind.

2. Remove unwanted memories

A relationship is incomplete without memories. You might have a collection of all those precious memories. But the bitter truth is that all of them are useless post-breakup. Those memories will remind you and will take you in the past. If you want to start fresh then you have to trash all your memories. You don’t have to keep anything near you which may remind you of your partner.

3. Keep yourself engaged

Your mind may force you to recall the pain of your breakup but to avoid this situation to yourself. You have to keep yourself busy with your stuff. Try to do something new and innovative so that your mind did not remind you about your partner. You can go out for shopping, movie, hang out with your friends, spend time with your family, and encourage your hobbies.

4. Reality check

You might have lost the reason to enjoy and stay happy after your breakup. But you need to understand that life is full of ups and downs. You need to take care of yourself. Do not think about your breakup so much. Don’t lose the hope. You will find someone better in your life who will take care of you even more. Don’t let your mind to make any perception of being in a relationship.

5. Watch out for your goals

You don’t need to ruin your future just because of your breakup. You have to think about your future goals and try hard to achieve them. Sitting ideal because of your past will not work for you. Everyone learns from their mistake and maybe this time it was your turn. So stay happy and don’t waste your time in think about your breakup.

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