Saree is a traditional Indian outfit that has never gone out of fashion and never will. Sarees can be traditional, fun, classy, formal and sexy at the same time. Draping a saree is a well-known thing for every Indian women but different attractive styles to drape a simple saree bringing a alluring look is something all women will find interesting ‘cause always wearing them in same style can make the most expensive saree look a bit boring. This is the time to bring up all your good-looking sarees and utilize them to your benefit by your style statement.

So, in this article we are telling you some unique ways to drape a saree.

  • Mumtaz Style

Channel in some retro vibes with Mumtaz’s epic saree draping style from ‘Ram Aur Shyaam’ movie. The secret to attaining this style lies in the layering of the saree.

  • Pant Style

It’s easy, comfortable, functional and super chic. It might just be the perfect style for the next wedding you have to attend.

  • Mermaid Style

One of the best style for wearing a saree by draping spreads out the lower part of the pleats, which in turn looks like a skirt plus the tail of the mermaid. This style gives the wearer a slimmer apperarance.

  • Belt Style

Drape your saree the normal way and just add a belt to your waist. You can even use a kamarbhandh to go for a traditional look. A statement blouse like an off-shoulder would surely add some fire to your outfit.

  • Dhoti Style

Try out this extremely comfortable and trending look the next time you have to attend a wedding. You just have to wear leggings instead of a petticoat. It also looks great with winter blazer and jackets.