Okay, so yes, most of us agree to the fact that India’s obsession with ‘fairer is lovelier’ is totally unfair. But still we find ourselves trying every possible way to get a lighter skin tone. Right from our daadi and naani’s homemade remedy of turmeric and gram flour or the fairness creams, we become hypocrites and contradict between what we say and what we actually do.

Bollywood, the country’s biggest fixation too has been majorly inclined towards making money rather than preventing to stop propagation of this wrong and unfair ideology. Big stars like Shahrukh Khan, Kareena Kapoor, Deepika Padukone, Shahid Kapoor, Vidya Balan, Sonam Kapoor and many others have immensely been associated with brands and endorsed fairness products. Thus defying the duty that comes along with being a public figure in the run to make extra pennies.


But there are also some actors for whom the responsibility is way above than making money.

  1. Randeeo Hooda: He is strictly against the idea of fairness being considered as a beauty standard. He believes, “It’s a colonial hangover to be fair. India, as a country, has an obsession with fairness, whereas the entire world is lying under the sun and getting a tan. I think men should be tall, dark and handsome and not tall, fair and handsome”.
  2. Kangana Ranaut: She hit the headlines for all right reasons when she refused a deal of whooping 2 crores that asked her to endorse fairness cream. She didn’t regret refusing down such a massive deal and rather proved that she won’t ever promote anything which she personally doesn’t believe in “Ever since I was a kid, I have never understood the concept of fairness. Especially, in such a case, as a celebrity, what kind of an example would I be setting for younger people? I have no regrets about turning this offer down. As a public figure, I have responsibilities.” Well, she is surely one rare intellectual actress!
  3. Abhay Deol: This guy is simply amazing! One rare Bollywood actor who is a perfect blend of intellect and good looks. He has always been vocal about his this sensitive and attention needing issue. He recently took it to social media to express his concern and anger over deep involvement of bigwigs of Bollywood like SRK, Kareena Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, etc in promoting the unfair idea of ‘fairer is lovelier’ due to which most of the people live under inferiority complex.
  4. Ranbir Kapoor: He had recently denied to associate with a fairness brand owing to the fact that it such products promote racist stereotypes.
  5. Swara Bhaskar, the Raanjhana actress who herself has a gorgeous dusky complexion, chose not to get undermined with the societal pressure. She feels that India’s obsession with fair skin needs to be discouraged as it seeks racism.
  6. Upen Patel: The ex Bigg Boss contestant and Namaste London actor, Upen Patel too has refused to endorse a fairness cream. He once said in an interview to a national daily, “This fair skin obsession has to be discouraged. It’s so regressive to put a value, negative or positive, to skin colour. Things like these are actually seeds of racism and they only promote low self-esteem. I believe in loving yourself just the way you are; dark, dusky or wheatish – you’re perfect”.

These celebs are surely some light-guiders on this darkness filled path.

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