6 Bollywood Movies That Have Crossed The Line For Too Much Vulgarity!

Certain times there are movies that touch our heart and soul and then there are some movies that we can only look down upon.

Showing bold content on the screen with a purpose is acceptable but using it as a tool to garner the attention with vulgarity is a cheap trick. We all know that sex is the most easily available subject to either use positively or negatively to grab eyeballs.

Here are 6 Bollywood movies that crossed vulgarity – we feel who have misused the subject for the wrong purpose and showcased it more vulgarly than needed:

Bollywood movies that crossed vulgarity –

1. Murder

This Emraan Hashmi – Mallika Sherawat starrer movie was applauded for its bold content. Undoubtedly, the thriller part of the movie is outstanding. The story is nail-biting and the climax astonishing. However, when it comes to showing sexual content, there were unnecessary portions shown in the movie which could have been avoided easily.

2. Kya Kool Hai Hum

The adult comedy first part of the movie was still bearable. However, the sequels are bad and there is hardly any humor to be found in those vulgar jokes. There should be a limit to draw and this movie certainly had none.

3. Hate Story

The revenge story backed with extreme sexual content and bold actresses, the movie and its installments need to look beyond this tried and tested formula. Showing a woman using sex in her revenge journey is the cheapest thing one can do on a creative forefront.

4. Ragini MMS

The horror story is yet again a big disappointment because instead of focussing on the characters, story, and the special effects, the focus was on bold scenes and vulgarity.

5. Befikre

Aditya Chopra is known for his family movies and decent subjects. With Befikre, he shocked his fans and people thought that the movie just had too many unnecessary kissing scenes and make-out scenes. There was nothing other than that.

6. Jism

Jism is yet another movie that is loved by the people for its story than the bold scenes, many scenes weren’t needed in the movie.

These are Bollywood movies that crossed vulgarity – Hence it’s high time Bollywood should move over such scenes and make better movies with good stories and content.

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